just ten weeks to go...

After more than two years of hard work there are just ten weeks to go until Beneath the Beacon happens. 

The Automaton Alphabet exhibition and trail will go live on 28 July and run until the first weekend in September.  The response from the Penrith shopkeepers has been really positive and we'll soon be announcing the venues that will host the automata. 

Since the website has been live we've had some interesting traffic from China and the Eastern USA as well as dedicated viewers from just across border in Newcastleton and over the Irish Sea in Craigavon.  We hope you like what you see and will make the trip to Penrith to follow the trail.  

In future posts we'll be making connections between the project and related events, themes and places. 

In the meantime here are a couple of photos that appear elsewhere on the website.  The first is Sarah Losh's retablo - A is for Architect.   The second photo is Colonel Rutherford's automaton - C is for Colonel.